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An experience of peace is the most practical thing there is.  It helps you eliminate waste, perform at your peak, and usher worldly prosperity into your life.  More than that, it fulfills every humans being’s innate desire to enjoy and appreciate this life as a gift.

Finding your happiness inside gives you the strength and clarity of vision you need to thrive in this world.  It takes you into the zone.

Self knowledge is an awareness of the unfolding fundamentals of a human being's existence: what always has been, is now, and always will be with you.  

Everyone is born with the same quest: to feel good inside as well as out - to enjoy this life.  This is not a worldly wish, but an ever-present, indefinable feeling, like hunger or thirst.

The power that slowly and rhythmically pulses into you in the form of breath IS joy, IS peace, IS contentment.  Feel your core desire to enjoy this life and respiration will become a profound pleasure.

Life humbles us so we may receive its glory.  It is precisely our ignorance and vanity that cause our worry.  But humility makes our lack of control acceptable.  It turns our journey into an adventure.  Life is teaching.  Are we learning?

The reason this world is such a mess is that we don’t customarily recognize how beautiful and precious life is in itself.  We think we have to augment it.  The struggle to do so creates endless internal and external conflicts.  Happy man still wants better food and shelter, and will work for it, but simply will not hurt someone else to get it.  It’s not worth the internal damage to himself. 


hings your heart desi

"Perhaps the most practical side-effect of the experience called peace is clear vision.  It raises you above your common preconceptions and preoccupations, and allows you to look upon your life with honesty and self-knowledge."  






















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