Cum Laude Graduate Tulane University

Sigma Tau Delta Honors English Society

Awarded invitation to attend prestigious
C.U.A. Acting Institute

Actor of the Year, Tulane University
The Lupin Memorial Award

Telly Award - Health and Fitness

Krewe of Cable Award - Best Proof of Performance Spot


Author Bio

As an award-winning TV producer/director residing in New Orleans, George R. Blow witnessed first hand the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  Deeply affected by the passing of several close friends and family members in the years following the storm, he determined to change course and pursue a more meaningful path in his life.  Long a student of the inner journey, the author found that making the enjoyment of existence his number one priority did not land him in a monestary or on top of a lonely mountain, but on the contrary made him much more productive and prosperous. 

G. R. Blow has a unique work history which includes experience in such
diverse fields as:
*Television promotions and programming
*Sales in the fast-paced travel industry
*Information gathering on Capital Hill
*Research for the development department of a major university
*Golf instruction both written and one-on-one
*All types of service industry, landscaping, and retail

In addition, he has lived in numerous cities in the western hemisphere, including:
London, England
Paris, France
Buenos Aires, AR
Washington, D.C.
San Fransisco, CA
New Orleans, LA.

His first significant honor came as an actor in high school, when he was awarded an invitation to attend the prestigious Catholic University Acting Institute before heading off to regular university.  He graduated with flying colors, and subsequently won "Actor of the Year" at Tulane University while still only a freshman.  He was then honored with the opportunity to act professionally in T.U.'s summer stock - unheard of for an undergrad.  The same invitation was extended the following year, and in both cases he was given the lead role in the productions.

Blow then moved in a very different direction, pursuing the golf tours on both sides of the Atlantic for many years.  However, his determination to learn all the swing methods of all the greatest champions made his tournament results inconsistent, and he finally decided to move into the field of TV/film production.  While working as a full-time producer/director for the third largest communications corporation in the U.S., the author compiled his unparalleled golf knowledge into his first book, "Master Classes: the Evolution of the Golf Swing", which has since lead to giving presentations on driving ranges and even transatlantic cruises. 

During his time as a producer/director and video-editor, G.R.B. won a national Telly Award for "Best Health and Fitness Program" and an LCTA Krewe of Cable Award for "Best Proof of Performance Spot".

Perhaps the author's greatest accomplishment was managing to retire during the lowest point of the 2008/9 financial crash and embark on an ongoing adventure in writing, travel, public speaking, producing/directing and acting.  All of his works, whether novels, screenplays, self-help or sports-related, are the culmination of decades of work, practice and study.

Today George R. Blow writes, speaks and produces audio/visual materials on the importance and practicality of an experience of "unconditional joy, peace and contentment".  He also occasionally accepts acting roles in TV/film.

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