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Trained at the prestigious Catholic University Acting Institute in Washington, D.C. and winner of the Actor of the Year at Tulane University, George R. Blow is an accomplished actor and prolific public speaker. He now offers presentations on the multiple performance benefits of enjoying one's own existence as well as material from his popular golf history book, "Master Classes: the Evolution of the Golf Swing".

For more information and a free booking quote contact: P.I.P Public Speaking OR MORE INFO AND A FREBOOKIN QUOTE he author recently joined Steve Sawyer on Cox's "Across Louisiana" to discuss his radical tragicomedy,
e author discussed his latest novel and message on Cox's morning show "Across Louisiana".
rybody Dies [The" and how it rela is He also discussed his
peakerformance seminars, the cruise presentations on his golf book, and, of course, the practical enefits of enoying existence


13 George R. Blow accepted an invitation to audition for "America's Got Talent", an

The following standup material developed for the popular TV show "America's Got Talent"
evelopehe following standup material.

hGeore author spent many years chasing the professional golf tours, and summarized his swing knowledge on the greatest champions in the history of the game in his popular book "Master Classes: the Evolution  of the Golf Swing".
George R. Blow's most popular presentations are on material from his book, "Master Classes: the Evolution of the Golf Swing".e recently was invited to give a series of presentations on a transatlantic CELEBRITY CRUISE with stops ingland, Frnce, Portugal, the Canary Islands and Miami.

Check out this montage of clips from his presentations on the Celebrity Constellation


The public event, "Passionate Peace and Prosperity"  was the third time George Blow spoke at Tulane University.   
Please enjoy the following video clips from this public event.


The author of "Peace is Practical" recently spoke to a class of novice film students
at Tulane University.
They videotaped the event.  These are clips from his segment on the practical impactexperience of peace.


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